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Mittelgrosser Busen Vom IPhone - Boat Girlie

Busen-Foto: Mittelgrosser Busen Vom IPhone - Boat Girlie aus Vereinigte Staaten

Losing my tan lines.

Boat Girlie's Busen: Natuerlicher mittelgrosser Busen

Boat Girlie's Alter: 42 - 48 Jahre


Eingesendet aus: Vereinigte Staaten

Kommentare: 21            Bewertung ø: 4.60710             Ansichten: 308407         Busen-Foto ID: 151928

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21 Kommentare für Boat Girlie und ihren mittelgrossen Busen:
Germany schrieb am: 15.08.2012, 3:20:
Love your tits
You're losing your tan lines, I'm losing the control of my penis looking at your nice tits!

Tim183mn schrieb am: 1.08.2012, 8:35:
boatie girl
How about you rub your harden clit and I'll rub my hard pierced cock to us.. as i titty fuck you.. great nipples,,I would love to pinch them... you make this 38yr old, with a six inch, pierced cock and shaved balls. Rock hard every time..)

Jammer schrieb am: 1.08.2012, 1:22:
Kein Titel
With gorgeous breasts like don't need tan lines for them to look sexy.

Dace schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 23:16:
GORGEOUS breasts!!
LOVE those gorgeous twins and AWESOME nipples that are just begging for some sucking and nibbling!! Would love to be the lucky one to enjoy caressing and kissing all of that gorgeous body, from lips to lips and then some!!!

Oldenuf2know schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 22:38:
looks like someone is a bit turned on!
Very nice! Love the pics and the titties. Incredibly sexy. Let me know if I should stop by when I visit FLA in the Fall (lol).

Jwill schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:16:
sweet nipples
...boat girlie

Ph schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:15:
Kein Titel
are you a teacher,,????

Magic schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:14:
You sure do make the day fun. Would be more fun if I were in that boat with you enjoying your succulent nipples

Perv schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:12:
Nice pokey n nipples
Just love them hows about two ice cubes one per nip

Dude schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:11:
What kinds of fun? ;) Your tits n nips are making me hard n horny.

Boat Girlie schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 20:07:
For all the nice comments. Don't know what I will do when I start back to work, but until then let's stillmhave some fun ;) schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:43:
I could look at you all day

Popeye schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:41:
as for your earlier pic, I can think of something more fun to put between your sweet tits. Your tits go well with most anything.

Cindy schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:38:
Kein Titel
beautiful nipples:) Very sexy!

Magic schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:33:
It was a beautiful sunshiny day today. A perfect to tan your perfect tits!!

Ph schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:33:
Kein Titel
mountains on top of mountains. nice peaks girl.. you are spectacular

Ernie schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:32:
Fabulous hard nipples. I bet they would feel amazing in my mouth or flicking across the precum soaked head of hard cock. I'd love to cum on you - or in you.

Popeye schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:27:
Losing your tan lines by tanning your nude tits? I'll be happy to rub some lotion on them.

Magictongue55@hotmai schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:25:
Stunning and spectacular peaks of pleasure. Would love to wrap my lips around your diamond hard succulent nipples. Can't seem to focus on your tanlines!!!

Dr.Q schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:25:
Boat Girlie
Not looking at the tan nipple shot..My hard cock will tell ya

Ru12also schrieb am: 31.07.2012, 19:25:
Kein Titel
Not only magnificently big nipples but very beautiful nips as well.

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