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Mittelgrosser Busen ('Beauties') - Babydoll

Busen-Foto: Mittelgrosser Busen - Babydoll aus Vereinigte Staaten

Wearing a 1950's style Bra.. Hubby Loves it

Babydoll's Busen: mittelgrosser Busen

Babydoll's Alter: 48 - 54 Jahre


Eingesendet aus: Vereinigte Staaten

Kommentare: 42            Bewertung ø: 4.63460             Ansichten: 1747180         Busen-Foto ID: 40481

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42 Kommentare für Babydoll und ihren mittelgrossen Busen:
Irgendjemand schrieb am: 7.08.2013, 14:29:
Kein Titel
I love you and your tits in my mouth!

Loveperkies schrieb am: 29.08.2012, 21:18:
Kein Titel
very nice tits! i'd love to suck on those nips!!

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 21.09.2011, 16:26:
never had long nipples like that before in my mouth sure would like to try that some day

The Judge schrieb am: 24.03.2011, 21:17:
baby doll nips
best nipples I have seen in long time

G schrieb am: 20.03.2011, 14:49:
Kein Titel
Keek those nips hard darlin

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 15.03.2011, 2:14:
Kein Titel
Perfect tits! Love those nipples

Bigd schrieb am: 24.02.2011, 14:23:
the best i have seen
is there anyway we canmeet so i can have hold of them beauties.

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 9.02.2011, 18:41:
Kein Titel
awsome nipples!

CLAIRE schrieb am: 2.02.2011, 17:29:
spectacular bbs
please, dont wear bra, just a t sirt, and see how guys go crazy for touching and sucking them...please, let them do it, youll be pleased and very hot !!! i do it every day, anytime...WOW.. SO HOT AND FUN !!!

Woolly schrieb am: 25.01.2011, 10:33:
baby !!!
i adore your long nipples...please, never wear a bra..i beg you..impress everyone with those long, hanging sexy and delicious boobies, give them to feed ..we need them !

Mindcastle schrieb am: 12.01.2011, 23:40:
Babydoll, You are killing me. I can't stand it anymore. You are Prime A1 fantastic.

Mardigrasjohn schrieb am: 3.12.2010, 0:30:
Kein Titel
does hubby have any idea how lucky he is???

GEH schrieb am: 16.11.2010, 17:32:

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 11.11.2010, 21:04:
wow great nipples

Lover schrieb am: 3.11.2010, 16:52:
Look past the Bra
I hope he loves the treasures the 50's style bra holds more. Can I suck on those nipples, at least run my tongue around them? ;p

Taster schrieb am: 3.11.2010, 11:57:
awesome nipples!!!!! wow
they'd look even more yummy with my warm cum on them...waiting to be sucked up and savored...yummm

Kevin43912 schrieb am: 29.10.2010, 19:56:
Oh My those are nice!

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 29.10.2010, 18:24:
Babydoll: You have the thee nicest nipples around! I would love to have you poke my eyes out with them!

Chevy5617545@yahoo.c schrieb am: 29.10.2010, 14:52:
Works for me!
Always appreciate your photos. Love to see more.

Bffse@hotmail - Com schrieb am: 28.10.2010, 19:36:
Kein Titel
love those nipples

Appreciative schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 22:15:
What nice big succulent nipples. Thanks for sharing!

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 15:23:
Kein Titel
I love your nipples sweetie. Great rack.

Tellafina schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 12:29:
I like your big nipples. I hope to see you once braless with poking nipples through a thin shirt.

Cliffy schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 11:39:
May I???
I know you have had many offers, I must offer mind also. Would love to kiss & suck you nipples. You are my favorite. Thanks. Would love to see the rest of you. Please, do you post anywhere else on voyeurweb?

Victor schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 7:52:
SO Hot
Never see in my life !!! Your nipples are n 1 , i need cumm on your tits now , so good tits !

Ale schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 7:49:
Wow really sexy girl and so hot tits , i'm stunned you have so hard nipples !!! Supreme for sucking mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmade me so hot , plz send moreeeeeeeee!!! Kisses

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 7:34:
Kein Titel
Fabulous nipples - superb.

Valk schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 4:21:
more please !!
Hi Hubby ( you lucky man ) How about some shots with those wonderful nips popping through material when you have been out - must be fun trying to hide them - or not ?? a fellow contributor and long time fan of babydoll

Greenbytes schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 2:00:
ok now get naked babe!
Ok babydoll we all know how awesome your nipples are but as hubby keeps bragging (so would I if I had you)! Just get naked and show what he gets to fuck so often!

Coach schrieb am: 27.10.2010, 0:28:
those are truly amazing and beautiful tits...your nipples are

Maggie_USA schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 21:23:
You are truly blessed.

Dino schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 21:20:
best nips on the web
suck them forever when do we get to see your clit on RedClouds??

Irgendjemand schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 20:05:
how about a pic with no clothes or bra showing? let's see her sexy belly.

Mandownunder45@live. schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:59:
love ur sexy pic. . Superb nipples. . . Love 2 see more of u. . Meli. X

Hubby schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:59:
Sex everynight
Really even at her age we fuck all the time and I photo her tits almost daily she is so hottt

Hubby schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:53:
My Winner
eat your hearts out guys and girls this is Hubby the photographer and lucky bastard. lucky again tonight anyone like bras like MadMen? she has em and I love em

Rocco Borama schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:22:
I'm about your age, and my mom never wore a bra
LIKE THAT! schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:05:
Works for me too
Your fan Jeff

Pd schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 19:01:
wow great nips they are amzing and oh so succulent.

Roaddog schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 18:59:
those are by far the hottest nipples I have ever seen

Rw schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 18:58:
HOT!! HOT!!! HOT!!!

Chaz schrieb am: 26.10.2010, 18:57:
It appears that you are wearing no bra at all...
...I like that in a woman!

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